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15 Ideas To Break Through Your Creative Limitations

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Written by Kerri Williams

old camera, Break Through

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15 Ideas To Break Through Your Creative Limitations

by Kerri Williams

Though one may conquer a thousand times a thousand men in battle, the person who conquers himself is the greatest warrior. – Buddha


Creatives. We can be our own worst enemies. We have grand ideas, we often implement those ideas, and often, we let ourselves fall short of those ideas.

Why do we do it? Who’s to say. Sometimes it’s a matter of our own self-doubts, our own fears, someone once told us we couldn’t (and we listened), our self-esteem just isn’t what we want it to be. For every creative, there are a hundred reasons.

We create our own limitations, and only we hold ourselves back. We know we can achieve greatness…if only.

Let’s try to escape our self-imposed limitations. Let’s try a few of the following ideas.

  • Create something for no one but yourself. You can let go if you know you’re only doing it for yourself.
  • Understand why you’re working on a particular creation. When we look deeply at why we’re creating, we can often break through some of the things that keep us in the shadows.
  • Embrace what you don’t have that you think you need to create and see what you can really do. When we allow ourselves to stop because we’re missing what we believe is an important tool in our creative cycle, we limit ourselves not only in our creation but in the belief that we can work around obstacles.
  • For one day, let go of all the negative things that keep you from creating. Every time a negative thought keeps you from moving forward, replace it with a positive thought, believe in that positive thought and see what happens.
  • Hug your creative inner child. When you allow your inner child to play, anything is possible. Hug that child and never let go.
  • Create without thinking and see what happens. Stop thinking about doing and just do it. There’s no right or wrong. Feel creation from the soul, not from the mind.
  • Create alone and embrace the wonder of doing. When we become one with our creation, we often become our creation. We speak from the solitude of our being.
  • Create in silence to feel what you’re creating. Silence can be a comforting idea behind creation. It allows you to hear only your creation – the brush on the canvas, the click of the shutter, the glide of the pen.
  • Create something to the sound of your favorite music and let it flow with your creation. Music can be inspiring and often drifts into what we create.
  • Explore a creative medium you’ve never done before and see what happens. Try something different and only for you and don’t worry about the final result. We all began somewhere.
  • Love what you create even if no one else does. Embrace what you create. We do it because we have something to say, and we can allow ourselves to say it with no worries.
  • Create a work space you’ll love so much you’ll want to be there rather than any place else. When we’re surrounded by the comfort of our own being, we’re more open to possibilities.
  • Observe something in your world and recreate it in your own vision. Nothing needs to stay as is. Keep your interpretations raw and real.
  • Take on a personal project that might change your view of something. Making an effort to change the world or just a small portion of your own world can expand your creative notions.
  • Laugh at your mistakes, your failures and yourself. When you laugh, you open the soul to your own happiness. There’s no such thing as perfection, so stop trying and have fun with all that you create.


Break through


If we create our own limitations, we certainly can break through them. There’s no reason to live a creative life fenced in when there’s a world of possibilities outside. Go slow and grow through any open space in the fence or break the thing down.

Either way, you’ll make peace with your creative self and forge an alliance of self-trust. Your limitations will fade away and you’ll open your creative life to a world of wonder.


Peace on your journey – Kerri


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