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The first part is for those who want just the Short Version. Here it is.

This is us:

stanka_podpis        alen_podpis

This is what we do:

On this site, we cover everything that inspires us. Our life is our niche, and yet, it is not just another blog; it’s a blog-magazine, covering alternative news & views, forbidden and classified subjects, alternative (raw) food (including raw food recipes), the perception of reality, permaculture, arts like mixed media, and, of course – photography, spiced with personal reflections on politics, economics, mental health, the music industry, and philosophy. Thanks for listening. Enjoy.

About Stanka

Design, the manufacturing of different things, the redesigning of clothes from old materials – this was always a part of my life. Since I can remember, I was always painting and coloring anything I could get into my hands.

Later, as a teen, I collected articles and images from various magazines, to use those ideas for revamping old furniture and clothes. However, university education and my profession brought me to entirely different areas like economy and sociology. A part of me was still waiting for the opportunity to create, and when I took the decision to do what I like most, everything became clear, and the next steps followed naturally.

Currently, I am working on two print shops for selling reproductions of my work; of which one is on Fine Art America, the other at Etsy’s. In addition to that, I’m having great fun publishing articles on my and my husband’s website, where I can go into topics which I usually don’t cover with my paintings like: delicious food recipes and photography!

About Alen

Music and writing were the only things that really interested me; and yet I had to take the long way around it; working with groceries, bartending, film developing (no, not movies, but photographs), language studies, manufacturer of tiffany glass products, henna tattooing, and eventually having my own company for selling jewellery for many years.

It has come full circle – as they say – and I’m here where I should have been all along – doing what I love to do: I am one – of currently two – main authors of the website, and frequent contributor to Before it’s news and Waking Times, which I consider to be my playground for doing and saying what I’m usually not allowed to, delivering to you – my dear readers – everything that inspires me, or – I think – might inspire YOU!




Those who want to know more (recommended), keep on reading…………


Uncut version


Can somebody’s life be told? As an interesting story, to want you to want more? Can our experiences and observations be a service to you? Are there any similarities between us and you? Something we all could profit from, a conversation where we hear each other in silence; what could possibly be better than putting together this website for a voluntary exchange of thoughts among people who want to hear about it? Not family or friends, who rarely seem to value information in their immediate surroundings; the unknown stranger is still the best listener, never judging ahead, eager to find something that might enrich him on his path through this jungle called – his life.

It’s quite some time now, since we’ve decided to live in a different reality, but once arrived, the view that opens up, is just fantastic. To put it in a commercial language: we live as we go, and it is more exiting than we could ever imagine. In our previous reality, our whole focus was on past mistakes and victories, or on a fearful, beautiful, unsure future, which never came.

The muck out

So that didn’t work, we had to find a new way to bring more ‘life’ to our life, and we did; it was terrible at first, because we had to throw away, literally, all of our old things, thoughts and habits to get going, but the last big obstacle was our job, a small company, in which we had invested all of our time, energy, and money. It became a ball and chain; during the years, our perception of collaboration, work, people, ethics had changed so drastically; it got impossible to keep working in a environment that was completely opposed to our views and ideas, a world in which we looked – more and more –  like some weird elements that didn’t fit into the place any longer.

So instead of changing everything around us, we decided to sell our part of the company to our partners, to whom we think this was a huge relief. It certainly was for us; the day we signed the contract was one of our happiest days until then; mostly because it gave us back our freedom of choice, which was blocked for so long. After the release, we immediately started to cut off all unnecessary expenditures. Luckily, we had the opportunity to move into a small but nice apartment in my parents’ house, to regroup and start from scratch.

A clean mind (and body)

Our next step was to pay off all of our dept, even the smallest amounts, to get an idea of how much money we really be needing, to live on a smaller budget, and to stretch our savings for as long as possible. This was probably the most important thing at the time; not to fall back into old mind patterns like: where should we invest our money? Don’t get a wrong impression, this wasn’t a lot of money; it was enough to live modestly, and especially without dept, without restaurants, without traveling, without unnecessary spending on clothes and many other items that we could reuse or get for free.

But all of this is insignificant compared to the new freedom we had and still have. We’d go for long walks, detox our minds and bodies, without worrying about time. This was the big difference; we had always worried about time, and now, probably for the first time in years, we didn’t.

The now

The house is located at the Mediterranean sea, in a beautiful setting of sea, forest, and countryside with all kinds of animals that we keep examining along our ways. We rediscovered what we really love to do; from playing music, painting, to writing; it all came back to the surface, rippling deep within. While writing, I realized that I wanted to write in English – which I now consider my second language – to give as many people as possible the opportunity to read our posts that emerged as a result of our experiences and conversations, and especially investigations on the many topics we had throughout that time, and that still keep unfolding to this very day. So, for you, dear native speakers, I’d ask you to pardon my not always correct ‘French’; I hope you’ll see much deeper than that.

And now, welcome to our microcosmos; in which you might find something that will inspire your life forever, unexpectedly. Isn’t it what you are looking for?