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Beautiful Cob-Homes for Debt-Free Living

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Video / Visuals by Stanka / Written by Alen Mischael Vukelić

cob homes, debt-free living


Debt-free houses for debt-free living

These kinds of homes are our personal favourites – although it hasn’t yet materialized – we like to monitor everything that is happening around this type of housing. We believe that houses should be affordable for everyone, and they should definitely not be a lifetime project as it is now.

Paying of mortgages into your old–age, just for having a roof over your head, is crazy. Most people are so used to this fact that they never question it. It is as it is, and once they get into this spiral of working overtime to pay off their debt; they begin to deify their property as a temple.

I believe the reason for it is just the immense amount of energy spent into something which got completely overvalued through the kind of system we live in. Nevertheless, everyone can choose if one is going to sign the contract or not – we’ve decided not to, and rather spent our money ‘investing’ into – us.

However, not the ‘us’ of material things, but the ‘us’ which helps us improve as beings on this planet. Sometimes there can also be ‘things’ involved, but more in the sense of buying a piano rather than a car, and traveling around the world than having a house.

Yes, we would also like to have a beautiful house with all its qualities, but not at all cost. Life is short, and there’s so much more interesting stuff to do – than paying off debt to banks. I don’t even think that this is the only problem; it’s the obligation, the contract, to do something – almost – for life. Why should one do that?

I love the freedom of being able to change my mind, or to be flexible to do something completely different in my life. Freedom also means independence – how independent are you when you are in debt?

This is why we are so fascinated with this what you are going to see now. It is cheap and affordable for everyone; it is beautiful, ecological, and serves exactly what it should serve for: to give you your own private little playground, where no one will disturb you. Enjoy the video.



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