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Creating Your Creative Identity

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By Kerri Williams

Creative Identity

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Creating Your Creative Identity

by Kerri Williams

Creative IdentityWho are you as a creative? Have you thought about that?

We put ourselves into what we do, and by doing so, we make it unique. We own it. Sometimes we know why and sometimes it’s just a happy accident that we fall in love with.

It’s called style. But have you thought about your style, why you do what you do or where it comes from?

Here’s an exercise in thought to help define your creative identity, to understand your style of work. Ask yourself the following questions and take the time to find the answers.

  • Where does your style come from?
  • Is it something you strive for purposely?
  • Is it something you work toward?
  • Does it come from within?
  • Is it personal?
  • Is it spiritual?
  • Is it emotional?
  • Is it simply a statement of something else?
  • Or is it you just saying this is me?

Dig deeper.

  • How much of your style is you?
  • How much of it comes from within?
  • Does your style present your world view – what you see or what you want to see? Or maybe what you want the world to be?
  • Is it a reflection of your personality? Are you sunny and bright like the colors you paint or melancholy like the songs you sing?

And you may have more than one style, which brings more questions.

  • Why a variety of styles?
  • What does one style say over the others?
  • Is it dependent on the day, the seasons, your particular mood?
  • Is it just a choice?

It’s a lot to consider, but as we explore our creative identity – why we do what we do in the way we do it – the more we work on the why, the stronger we become as creatives. In searching for the answers, we grab the opportunity to learn more about our art and more about ourselves.


Peace on your journey – Kerri


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