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Doctors are as sick as we are, isn’t that strange?

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Video / Visuals by Stanka / written by Alen Mischael Vukelić

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Photo: Pixabay

As sick as we are

The more I do the research, the more I am convinced that nearly everything I learned in school is questionable. Almost any subject seems to be more of an opinion than a fact, and teaching programs seem to be highly modified for purposes of small but influential groups rather than being based upon scientific research and evidence.

There is almost no serious scientist left who doesn’t question people like Newton or Darwin, and still they are part of any regular teaching program. There is so much new evidence in all areas, since the introduction of these theories in school, still nobody seems to mind updating the programs to new standards.

The difference between available knowledge and knowledge that is being taught in schools (from elementary to university) looks like a time gap of modern times and stone age. The available evidence in all areas is just overwhelming and can’t be denied anymore.

Doctors die from heart diseases – as well

The same applies to nutrition, something we are considered with on this site. Scientists who do research on nutrition know very well about the connection between food and overall health, but most doctors don’t. Doctors are people who themselves, for example, die at very high rates of coronary heart diseases.

How can they advocate healthy nutrition, if they themselves have no knowledge about it? They can’t be blamed; that’s what they have learned in school. For them, pills and surgery are the answer to any medical question. Sometimes yoga is added, not because they believe in it, more of a stylish addition to their praxis.

When we dip just a bit beneath the surface, then we usually see, that there hasn’t been done any research on the subject. Majority of doctors actually believe that yoga is just a physical exercise, a prejudice which would vanish if they read at least one good book on yoga.

It doesn’t work

As I said, they can’t be blamed, because they are displaying exactly that knowledge that has been taught to them, but if the schools are stuck in outdated education, then it becomes – obviously – the responsibility of doctors and individuals to research and implement the scientific evidence themselves.

It can’t be repeated enough. People are sick and die, because of bad nutrition and not from diseases. Diseases are symptoms of bad nutrition. To stay ignorant in a medical profession, means just adding to the problem. They have to start studying the evidence. It can’t be ignored anymore.

Real healing

Isn’t it a huge satisfaction to actually heal people, rather than to help them die of all these terrible conditions or of complications related to the treatment itself? I think they are missing one crucial point. It’s not just their patients, but their family and friends as well. And mostly them, themselves.

I believe that by opening up their locked mind doors, they could rediscover their primary purpose of being a doctor (or scientist), which is to find the cause for a disease.

However, to actually do this, they will have to question everything they have learned up to this point; they will have to step outside and watch this mountain of microscopic knowledge from a distance, to see it for what it is – an elaboration of never-ending symptoms, multiplying like mushrooms after the rain.



Truth is simple

This short video inspired us to understand that people who claim to be experts should walk the talk themselves. The only difference is that doctors are probably doing it unconsciously (at least I hope), but some of these food gurus surely know where they are coming from.


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