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Dot-looking (slaves to the scientific method)

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Visuals by Stanka / written by Alen Mischael Vukelić

man and microscope, scientific method, slaves to scientists, alternative research

Photo: Pixabay

The scientific method was so promising. Only facts and clear evidence were to lead the game, and no room for superstitious quasi knowledge would be left anymore.

No fairy tales of ancient druids’ or witches’ methods would prevail any longer; no, from this day forwards everything would be scientifically proven, and all that knowledge would be collected and listed, printed and memorized for all future generations.

The flip side of this is that everything, which isn’t proven simply does not exist. Any alternative approach to healing or any other observation has no meaning at all. It can serve as an interesting anecdote in a weekly talk show, but not more than that.

There can virtually be thousands of testimonials on any subject; if it wasn’t tested by an authorized, reputed scientific team or laboratory, it does not exist.

Changing what nobody wants to change

Nevertheless, testing does go on – in the underground. Thanks to many courageous, sane people, much of the old knowledge is preserved, and new findings are being tested mostly by and on the discoverers themselves. These people are risking their jobs, their reputation, their income, harassment from all kind of government agencies and sometimes even imprisonment.

The importance of these people becomes clear when realizing that more people heal from alternative methods than they do from allopathic medicine. Their chance of survival, especially of diseases like cancer, is much higher than of those exposed to radiation and lethal – often poisonous – drugs by mainstream physicians.

There is no prove for that claim, of course not, but does anybody wish this to be true? Does it fit in the picture of how things are? Would anybody want it to be different? The doctor who is paying off his latest med-equipment? The pharma industry with their unimaginable profit ranges? The pharmacist who is selling the drugs? The patient or consumer of those treatments? The public? Politicians?

There is almost nobody left. So why still wonder why alternative medicine is not being researched, and why it is ridiculed by many scientists, and those funding the research projects as well. It just is in nobody’s interest.

chaplin quote on life, life is a tragedy, life is a comedy

Beauty of the dot

The microscope is a beautiful analogy for the scientific method. The scientist is looking into a dot, completely missing the whole picture. Dot-looking is now an international sport for which medals and recognitions can be won. There are even different categories in which a scientist can compete and choose from.

Scientists from the same competition can group and run against scientists from other competitions and so on. The rating agencies say that dot-looking is more popular than ever, and keeps growing at a stable annual rate with a positive outlook. So there is nothing to worry about.

Looking out of the window

As long as people believe in this method, it stays as an authority. When they start to doubt it or even reject it, new methods arise instantaneously, and problems which appeared unsolvable, get resolved in a very short period of time. Why not try something which might actually work? Something which includes all knowledge available.




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