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Emergency food

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Visuals by Stanka / written by Alen Mischael Vukelić

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Nature is just wonderful! She created this planet edible, nearly as a whole. In an emergency situation, I could virtually eat almost everything: plants, animals……..some have even eaten clay and stayed alive for many weeks (months?) solely on a clay diet (Check out the Internet for Haitians eating mud cookies).

And there is, of course, the event from Uruguay from 1972, when plane crash survivors got stuck in the Andes (unthinkable!) for more than two months and had nothing to eat except……………..yes, they had to eat their fellow friends who did not survive the crash for being able to survive themselves in unimaginable conditions.

Watching one of the documentaries – not the film – about them, made me realize again what exceptional beings we really are and how nature always provides a life-supporting possibility. No matter what the conditions are, nature wants life to succeed. And they succeeded. As far as I can remember, 16 people survived.

That’s how we are, we always find a solution. No matter how great the obstacle, people want to survive and nature wants them to survive too. The same in supermarkets. We go and buy all the stuff there is to SURVIVE. No matter what the label says, we eat them all: friends and family, dogs, cats, roasted rats, doesn’t matter, put a little chilly sauce on it, and it’ll do.

crazy chicken, raw food, free photo, public domainI think that animals were meant to be eaten exclusively in emergency situations. First, they are our fellow creatures, sharing this planet with us. Second, animal-based food is secondary food. They have eaten plants or other animals, and now we are eating them, which is not first class nutrition, but second class.

Humans are sometimes put in a third category called tertiary consumers, which term was probably created to justify our position to eat of just anything there is, but we should not let mislead ourselves by scientific categories. Plants are primary food that should be consumed because of their exceptional nutritional value, which in most cases is up to ten and even a hundred times higher than animal-based food (The China Study, chart on p.230).

In other words: Nutritionally speaking, you are starving yourself to sickness and death, ironically totally overweight, simply because you have to have a much higher input of food to get an equal nutritional value. People on animal-based food are seldom really satiated, so they have to keep eating lots of bad food, because their body is not getting enough substances to do its job.

The results are devastating: Overcrowded hospitals and dead men/women walking around, holding on to the idea of being of good health, which means “average health,” or like everybody else. We like to be average because it means we are not that bad, compared to somebody who is worse than us. We should ask ourselves a simple question: Is our food providing us a health sustaining life or is it not? We actually do not need to know the details. Just a simple yes or no.

The animal’s body has used up all the food’s compounds for building and maintaining its own system. By eating animals, we get substances that have still been preserved and stored in their bodies, which means we are ingesting food through an intermediary’s arrangement – it seems like a bad investment.

Lots of money and time gets invested into those animals, eventually getting an essentially low-class product of little value. Instead of eating live food like fruits and vegetables, most people take left-overs out of the trash can. Dead bodies, frozen for several months – to stop them from decomposing, isn’t really what fresh food is about. The animal is – involuntarily – used as a food broker, selling a bad product.

I Am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash


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