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Feelings of Lack, “Starving” Artist Myth

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Starving Artist Myth

Photo: Pixabay

Feelings of Lack, “Starving” Artist Myth

For centuries, there has been a romantic myth surrounding the starving artist, suffering for her or his craft. I think it’s high time we created a new image of the artist, thriving and prospering. Whether you realize it or not, feelings of lack may be inhibiting you pursuing your dreams.

Take some time to journal or speak to your friends and families what beliefs or limitations may be holding you back. Remember, these are not truths, just practiced thoughts. Examining thoughts and beliefs and consciously choosing more supportive thoughts and self-talk are key to making a shift in your experience.

If you feel fear around money or success as an artist, seek out positive role models, learn as much as you can about how to thrive and prosper. The rewards of doing what you truly love stretch far beyond any monetary value, yet this doesn’t mean you must sacrifice or struggle.

Please know that if you have something you love to do, this is a true gift to be embraced and treasured. Even if you can’t do your art full-time at first, set aside a little time each day to practice your work.



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