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Fermentation or How To Get Healthy Bacteria To Your System

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Video / Visuals by Stanka / Introduction by Alen Mischael Vukelić

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Photo: Stanka Vukelić

Fermentation or How To Get Healthy Bacteria To Your System

Is bacteria bad, evil as they tell us? If bacteria is bad, then we have to fight it, right? The truth is that fighting bacteria is a losing war. More and more powerful antibiotics are getting less and less efficient in this fight against the almighty bacteria. What has been done so far?

Nothing, the war is being fought with the same old weapons, and the result is an almost complete resistance of the invisible ‘enemy’. Is it possible that we are missing the big picture? What if we interact with bacteria instead of fighting it? Is it possible to use bacteria to fight other bacteria?

Instead of fighting disease, we can promote health in the exact same way our body has been utilizing it for millions of years. Bacteria ROCK – no joke! We just have to know how to use them. Bacteria take care of themselves – amongst themselves.

So all we have to do is help to provide the right balance and this video will show you how to cooperate with bacteria instead of fighting it by adding homemade fermented foods to your diet, which will naturally increase the amount of ‘good’ bacteria in your system, and thereby naturally decrease the amount of ‘bad’ bacteria in your body, helping it to maintain a ‘balanced sheet’ for your overall health.

In this presentation, you will not only get the theory behind fermentation and bacteria, but also a tutorial how to make fermented foods yourself. You’ll be surprised how easy and fast fermented foods can be prepared in almost no time and very little effort – in fact – the bacteria is doing the whole job for you.

In comparison to other methods, applying this knowledge might improve your health in a relatively short period of time . Enjoy watching.



Disclaimer: This article/video is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of or its staff.


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