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Greening the Desert

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Video / Visuals by Stanka / Introduction by Alen Mischael Vukelić

greening the desert inscripton, geoff lawton


This is one of the most amazing projects I’ve come across. An area which everyone would consider infertile, sterile – dead, is now a fruit oasis. It’s virtually a desert area, which was entrusted to Geoff Lawton and his team to “green the desert”. And they succeeded. Just imagine what the possibilities were if applied on a bigger scale…………

I will let you now jump right into it.


All credits go to Geoff Lawton and his team.

Please visit his website to get more information.



  1. Confratualations for a good work, Im also into Greening the dessert project
    combining New Earth Project and Save the Marine Life by creating Inland sea
    and use it as back up of dying Oceans due to Fukushima radiation has contaminated 1/3 ofthe Pacific and could affect the GBR and accellerate CO2 emissions if Oceans rots…not to mention other sea Pollutions and Forest fire seems to be unstaoppable..

    My Nerw Earth & Sea Project starts in Port Augusta, Adelaide by allowing
    sea water to flow into Lake Eyre thus creating an Inland sea which make Sea Water available for desalination and massivelly irrigation of the desert which are acting as heaters of the Earrth.

    I culture Spirulina to desalinate the rivers and a high value crops that is also the fastest way to sequestrate Co2..

    Im am willing to donate up to 40 drums of Spirulina culture to your group..and share you my expertise on:

    Eco-village design and concept, Biogas system, Windmill, Solar and HHO energy..

    Naturall yours,
    Ed Guevara
    GEO FARM, Philippines
    Celfon: +63949 8641 886

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