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Off The Grid Straw Bale Home

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Straw Bale Home


Off The Grid Straw Bale Home

Another fantastic straw bale home – if you haven’t seen one yet, take yourself 17 minutes of your time to explore this wonderful house in Canada.

Here’s the original introduction to the video:

A tour of how we live & work off grid in our straw bale home – Riverstone Studios showing the interior of our home, wind turbine, solar panels, and the finishing work in our home.

A lot of comments are asking about building codes. We live in Rural Saskatchewan Canada. Because we are zoned as farm land, we can pretty much build anything we want…the catch – no banks, no insurance! Lending institutions want proof of insurability, so they rely on insurance companies…

Insurance companies want low risk, so they rely on building codes and passed inspections. Our gas connection was contracted and has been inspected but the rest of the build, we did ourselves.

Because it is non commercial and rural, we are allowed to wire and plumb ourselves. We are not connected to municipal water or to provincial electricity, so again, there are no governing bodies with direct interests in our build.

If you are interested in seeing the Before and After of our house go here:



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