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Journey with Spirit

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Written by Kerri Williams

flower, spirit

Photo: Kerri Williams


“The ego doesn’t know what nature is”; it is just completely absorbed by its little ideas and cravings – Kerri says: rather “take walks and let the spirit of nature be your guide”! So what exactly is spirit?



Journey with Spirit

by Kerri Williams

Creatives are an exceptional breed of people. Many of us don’t live the ordinary lives of our counterparts. Many of us live deep inside ourselves with our spirit.

Now before we get started on this, I want to point out that this article isn’t about God or religion. It’s about the Self. Not the little self we call the ego, but the big Self. The one we call spirit.

What exactly is spirit? I really don’t believe it can be defined, not in the way other things claim definition. Spirit is a feeling. It’s a knowing. Some call it the soul. Some call it angels. Some call it guides. And yes, some call it God.

For me, spirit is simply the Self. It’s my own personal guide that lives within. It’s my moral compass of sorts and my connection with the universe. Whatever it is, it’s there, inside of me and outside of me, guiding me in the direction I need to go.

So, what exactly does this have to do with creativity?

As I stated, many creatives live deep inside themselves. Many live with spirit. They know it’s there but they tend to shove it aside for various reasons.

Spirit has a lot to do with trust, as do our creative ideas. We often move between a variety of planes when it comes to our creative ideas. Will it work? Is it worthwhile? Will the outside world accept it? Is it worth spending time on? We question what spirit tells us.

Often in the line of questioning, we’ll abandon the idea, only to have it crawl back into our being. Again, we’ll go to great lengths to deny what comes our way. We doubt the validity of what our spirit tells us.

When an idea continues to work its way back into our thoughts, that’s often spirit telling us it’s okay to move forward. Sometimes we’ll take the leap, other times we’ll go through the same self doubt and denial that originally overcame us. When living outside of spirit, we live outside of our creative Self.

Spirit is a matter of trusting ourselves and our creations. Spirit is the evolution of our creative soul. It’s the force that directs us. It’s the force that moves idea to fruition. It’s the force that takes us from fruition to completion.

To journey with spirit takes a great deal of trust. It is our fight to deny the artificial aspects of our world to create something that is truly of us. To journey with spirit makes us vulnerable. It opens fears and doubts we’d prefer to keep deep within ourselves. By denying spirit, we deny criticism, ridicule, hurt and abandonment. By denying spirit, we deny ourselves the full purpose of our creative being.

flower, spiritI’ve spent a great deal of time denying spirit. I produced art and written words that I refused to share with the world for fear they wouldn’t be accepted; for fear that someone wouldn’t get it; for fear I’d be ridiculed and laughed at. No matter what spirit told me about the works, I didn’t listen. I let the little self take over, I let the ego take over. It took years to realize just how wrong the ego can be. Eventually I gave into spirit and all was right.

But use caution and make sure you’re listening to the right voice. Ego can neutralize spirit, can throw your trust in spirit. Sometimes ego screams louder than spirit and you can’t clarify which voice is talking. What you believed to be spirit telling you how to proceed was ego. You need to understand the intonation in the voice.

There are ways to connect with spirit and know the voice of your inner Self from that of ego.

Take five minutes daily to meditate and quiet ego.

Write daily and converse with spirit, keeping ego at bay.

Take walks and let the spirit of nature be your guide. Ego doesn’t really care for nature.

Dive deep into a creative venture where ego has no place to sit.

Spirit lives within you and if creativity is the journey you pursue, spirit is there. Spirit is the direction you know. Sometimes you listen, sometimes you don’t. When you connect with your spirit, your creative journey is filled with life.

Spirit is the Self seeking the self.


Peace on your journey – Kerri


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