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Live Like You Are Dying, 3 Mental Exercises To Enjoy Life

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By Stefan Molyneux

wooden boat with two men in sunset, live like you are dying

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Live like you are dying

The joy of life comes back instantaneously when we are brought back from imminent death. Honor yourself, and you will honor life.

This is a small introduction from Stefan Molyneux’s website:

“Stefan Molyneux may be perhaps the most eloquent “red pill” in the alternative media. A self-described philosopher, Molyneux has a strong knowledge of history and a core compass reading of freedom and non-violence.

He hosts a popular radio broadcast on his FreedomainRadio; his Youtube uploads have been viewed over 6 million times on his channel alone, and his site claims over 25 million downloads making his ideas the “largest and most popular philosophical conversation in the world.”

His articles can be seen on mega-sites like Lew Rockwell and others; he has published several books on the philosophy of liberty and non-violence (many of which are offered FREE from his site) and how they apply in today’s world, and he is a frequent guest on RT’s Adam Vs. The Man and the Keiser Report.

Despite his overwhelming knowledge of the corrupt system, Molyneux always remains optimistic in his presentation, which is quite refreshing among all the doom-and-gloom. Molyneux remains authentic in that he survives solely from donations and book sales –so please support his efforts. We expect Molyneux to end up as one of the most important voices of our time.”


Live Like You Are Dying, 3 Mental Exercises To Enjoy Life


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