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The People’s Voice – independent news Radio & TV station

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Visuals by Stanka / written by Alen Mischael Vukelić

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Independent news on TV

For those who still haven’t heard about it – the underground media is finally creating its own Radio and TV channel, which will broadcast uncensored – especially ‘mainstream forbidden’ content – and independent news through the Internet.

I can’t tell you how happy we are about this! It was such an obvious thing to do, but the time wasn’t ripe to connect all independent reporters and researchers and give them a platform to show the material they’ve gathered.

It is an exciting project started by David Icke and an enthusiastic team that gathered around him, to launch something which has never been done before. The initial funds were gathered in June of 2013 through a crowdfunding platform. More than 8000 people contributed and raised £300.000 to buy all the broadcasting and recording equipment.

At this point, a studio has been rented in London and, of course, tons of other things have been done so far, which are impossible to describe in a few sentences.

What you can do

I think that anyone, who wants to contribute to a free and open society (and many other reasons which will be cited in the video) in which all voices are heard, needs to help this project to get going, because like any other start-up, it will need some help from outside.

You can contribute money or other means of help, which are listed on David Icke’s homepage. The channel will be able to support itself through revenue from advertising. However, they have already decided not to take all advertisers into account, especially not those, they will most probably be doing stories on!

So check out this amazing project and contribute as much as you can. We have signed up for an ongoing monthly payment, because no other project has convinced us more than this one. I think we contributors are doing the easy part in this; these amazing people are walking the talk, right now – please help them!


The first video is a small introduction to the project from several months ago. The second came out just recently to show us how far they’ve come.


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