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Salad Recipe: Moong and Alfalfa Sprouts Salad

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By Stanka Vukelić

Moong and Alfalfa Sprouts Salad

Photo: Stanka Vukelić

Salad Recipe: Moong and Alfalfa Sprouts Salad

Home-grown sprouts truly are the best organic locally-grown food. Not getting unwanted pesticides, food additives, and other harmful fat-bolstering chemicals. Sprouting can be done in any part of the world and in any climate. This is because sprouting is done indoors, right in your own kitchen.

Apart from that; it is a great opportunity to let your children have fun growing their own food, and to observe the miracle of seeds turning into sprouts and plants.

The vitamin content of some seeds, grains, beans, or nuts increases by up to 20 times the original value within only a few days of sprouting. Research shows that during the sprouting process moong (or mung) bean sprouts (or just bean sprouts, as they are often called) increase Vitamin B1 by up to 285 percent, Vitamin B2 by up to 515 percent, and niacin by up to 256 percent.

Some of the vitamins that all sprouts contain include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin K. Alfalfa sprouts are one of the most concentrated sources of Vitamin K found in nature. Alfalfa is also the only plant that supplies the full range of vitamins.

For the visual tutorial how to grown your own sprouts in your kitchen go to this article: Growing sprouts – How to grow your own superfood in your kitchen!


Sprouting Moong beans and Alfalfa seeds:

Alfalfa seeds soaked for 6-8 hours and sprouted in 4-6 days, and moong beans soaked 8-12 hours and sprouted in 1-2 days. I sprout moong in a 32 oz (1 liter) mason jar. To get a full mason jar of moong sprouts, I fill it with 1/4 – 1/3 of moong beans.


Here is our Moong and Alfalfa Sprouts Salad –

Preparation time: 5 min.


Ingredients for 2 people:

full 57-64 oz (1.7-2 l) mason jar of alfalfa sprouts (sprouted for 4-6 days)

half or full 32 ounces (1 liter) mason jar of moong sprouts (sprouted for 1-2 days)

3-5 tablespoons of tamari soy sauce (or as you like)

5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (or as you like)

2 medium garlic cloves (or as you like)


Methods/steps –

1. Add all ingredients into a bowl and mix.

2. Serve and enjoy.



Instead of apple vinegar, use lemon.

Instead of tamari soy sauce, use sea salt dissolved in water.


Bon appetite!


For more information on apple vinegar go to this article: 25 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar


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