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Shut The Fck Up! ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

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Video by James Corbett / Introduction by Alen Mischael Vukelić

conspiracy theorist


Shut The Fck Up! ‘Conspiracy Theorist’

“There has never been a conspiracy in this country (U.S.)! This is how you respond to a conspiracy theorist.” (Just to let you know)

This is a short quote from James Corbetts’ Eyeopener Report in which he speaks about the insanity of believing that the government would never engage in any kind of cover up operations.

Just the idea of seeing politicians as saint-like beings who have no other aim but to serve the common good is far crazier than any conspiracy theory will ever be. Humans are corrupt and make huge mistakes – many times. Why on earth should these people be excluded from our holy club of incompetence? Where’s the evidence that this is possible? Scientific? Anything?

The idea of someone being honorable just because of the position one occupies, is outrages. Is it really important how many theories are true or not? What if just one theory were true?

This is probably the reason why this subject is being neglected in its entirety: the hidden possibility of bringing down everything you ever believed in. Very few are ready for this adventure, and this is the answer to the question: If any of this were true, why doesn’t the majority of people don’t know anything about it?



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