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The Truth about School

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The Truth about School


The Truth about School

by StormCloudsGathering

The other day we posted a video on synchronicity – well this video came flying by in a moment where we talk much about education and the standard school system. I thought of it many times, that schools are not designed to teach you how to live; they are designed to teach you how to serve.

This is an excerpt from the video:
“Did you ever wonder how it is that kids spend 13 years from kindergarten to high school supposedly being prepared for life, yet when they get out they don’t have any real skills?

13 years, and aren’t taught to how to grow a garden, how to build a house, how to fix a car, how to balance a check book, or how to cook a healthy meal. 13 years and kids come out without rudimentary concepts of how to organize or lead groups of people, without even a glimmer of understanding of how to resolve conflicts non-violently – and we call this an education?”



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